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And yet the Wise Men are mentioned by only one of the Evangelists, Matthew, and even then in onlyafewverses:" And when they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy. And they came into the house and saw the young child with Mary his mother The story, nevertheless, was known throughout the East from an early date - possibly because the gospels existed in Arabic. They were translated, according to the authoritative collection of traditions by al-Bukhari, by the uncle of Khadija, the Prophet Muhammad's first wife.

Where did the Three Kings come from? The question was much discussed and never entirely resolved.

We three kings of Orient are

John of Hildesheim, who in the 14th century wrote one of the most popular accounts of the Three Kings, maintained that Melchior came from Arabia, which he describes thus:. Now ye shall understand that there be three Indies of which these three lords were kings. In the first India was the land of Nubia and also the land of Arabia; and in those lands reigned Melchior at the time that Christ was born.

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And pilgrims and merchants that pass from India by the Red Sea say that all the ground of the Red Sea is so red that the water above seems as though it were red wine, notwithstanding that the water is of the color that other water is And in that land is found gold According to John of Hildesheim, Melchior, the "smallest in stature," brought gold as his offering - including the treasure of Alexander the Great and "all the ornaments that the Queen of Saba [ShebaJ offered in Solomon's temple.

These, according to tradition, were the "30 pieces of silver" for which Christ at last was betrayed.

The second king, Balthazar, was from Saba where "there groweth incense more than in all the other places of the world; it drippeth out of certain trees in the manner of gum. Gaspar, the third king, this account says, came from a mysterious kingdom called Tharsis: "In his isles myrrh groweth more plentifully than in any other place in the world. It groweth like ears of wheat The significance of their gifts is well known from Christmas carols, or this hymn translated from the Latin of Pruden-tius and dating back to the early Church:.

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  • Sacred gifts of mystic meaning: Incense doth their God disclose, Gold the King of Kings proclaimeth, Myrrh his sepulchre foreshows. This is precisely the interpretation given by the Arab historian al-Tabari, writing in the ninth century, who gives as his source Wahb ibn Munabbih, born about A. They went out to search for him, al-Tabari writes, bearing gold and myrrh and incense, and on the way they met the King of Syria, Herod, who asked them what they were seeking.

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    Waving the flag for OpenDaylight. The edge cloud pledge. Red Hat continues to back OpenStack to the hilt. Hopkins studied at the General Theological Seminary in New York City and after graduating and being ordained a deacon in , he became its first music teacher five years later, holding the post until alongside his ministry in the Episcopal Church. It was extremely uncommon that Hopkins wrote both the lyrics and music; contemporary carol composers, usually wrote either the lyrics or music but not both.

    Because of the popularity it achieved among them, Hopkins decided to publish the carol in in his book Carols, Hymns and Songs.


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    This account indicates the composer was probably a deacon at the time he wrote it:. He served as a deacon in and was priest in It was in , while teaching music at the Seminary that Rev. He probably wrote the hymn with his nieces and nephews in mind. He always had a surprise for the youngsters at Christmas, and this year was no different.

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    • As usual, bachelor Uncle Henry did not disappoint the children. The family always had a dramatization of Matthew chapter 2, and the entire Christmas Story. The hymn was sung by the family for the next two years, and was so popular with family and friends that by it had been published by Rev. The rest, of course, is history.

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