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Rayne's First Time Hearing Linkin Park... - Linkin Park - Crawling (REACTIONS!)

One of the adults comes in and reminds them that the siren will shortly sound. With intertwined hands they skip out together, but outside the door they separate and each goes her own way. For before the joint ceremony there are separate gatherings for Arabs and Jews, as each side recollects its own narrative by themselves. Two separate gatherings, a courtyard between them. Two trees in the center are laden with construction paper leaves, on which, just an hour before, students wrote down their hopes— there will be peace, there will be no more wars, there will be tranquility, that I will have many friends.

Memorial Day at the Max Rayne Hand in Hand Jerusalem School

These funds will hopefully allow Summer the time she needs to rest and find strength to continue and heal. God Bless You.

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Summer Rayne. We set up camp on one of the hairpins; the spot was near a creek where I put up my hammock.

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We had a few hours of sunlight left so we hiked up a few corners to a super steep right hairpin to skate, shoot photos, and film the daylight away. We skated for those few hours, and slid to a stop near our tents to get ready for bed. We built a fire in the middle of the road! It was almost like the whole mountain pass was ours; an odd but fun experience for sure.

Waiting for Rayne

Days The morning was serene! The air was crisp and slightly humid. After a morning fire and breakfast, we started up the mountain for a full run. The walk was terrible; the 13 tight hairpins took us an hour and a half to hike. After our morning descent, we grabbed the film gear for another brutal hike up, just to film the best corners.

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We were tempted to film the interesting bends a bit longer, but we were tired and we were out of food. The real challenge was getting all the way down. The road was so long, the only productive way to get down was to skate down the bottom 10 hairpins with all our gear on our backs! And oh boy, it was gnarly.

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