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Grass and weeds must be kept below 12 inches in height.

In the tall, tall grass

Native plants and ornamental vegetation must be maintained so as not to be a nuisance. Vacant lots must also be maintained to the same standards. Failure to maintain vacant lots or properties with vacant structures could result in Metro cutting the grass and placing a lien against the property for the cost of the mowing. A fence may be erected without a permit, but it must be constructed of approved materials that are designed for that purpose.

Solid privacy fences must be a minimum of 10 feet from the edge of the right of way. The maximum permitted height shall be:. All must be set within the required setbacks for the property.

Utility sheds and similar structures cannot be converted to or be used as a living space. Detached garages can in certain cases be converted to living space. Permits are required before any work can be done. Owners of any building or accessory structure shall maintain the property in a safe and sanitary condition, free from conditions that would be hazardous to the health and welfare of the occupants. This includes the proper disposal of trash and garbage. Illegal dumping is the disposal of waste, trash, junk, furniture, tires, construction materials or debris, etc.

Illegal dumping is commonly found in uninhabited or otherwise deserted areas, vacant lots, along roadways, in alleys, and at construction sites. Owners of any building or accessory structure shall remove any graffiti and restore the damaged exterior surface to an approved state of maintenance and repair. Graffiti suspected to be gang related should also be reported to the Metro Gang Unit. Except as may be otherwise permitted by the Zoning Code, inoperable, unlicensed or unregistered motor vehicles cannot be openly parked, kept or stored on any premises.

Such vehicles must be stored in a garage or other structure designed for that purpose. An open carport will not satisfy this requirement. Only minor repairs of motor vehicles can be done on residential property. The repairs must be to vehicles owned by either the owner-occupant or their tenant. Major repairs that require dismantling the vehicles major components is prohibited. Repair or stripping of vehicles by individuals engaged in an auto repair business in a residential zone district is prohibited.

Vehicles may not be abandoned or stored on public property. Motor vehicles must be parked on a hard surface, asphalt, concrete or gravel.

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Any permanent parking areas containing five or more spaces must be surfaced with a hard-surfaced, dustless material. Vehicles cannot be parked on the grass.

Panicum virgatum 'Totem Pole' PP CPBRAF | Walters Gardens, Inc.

A business may not operate in a residential zone district unless a Home Occupation Permit has been obtained. Before obtaining a permit, a number of conditions must be met by the applicant. All parcels have been assigned a zoning category and their use must be consistent with that assigned zoning code. Common, domesticated farm animals, exotic and native wildlife are restricted in residential areas unless lot size requirements are met.

For residentially zoned districts, the minimum lot size is five acres. Only chickens are allowed, with permits. Permits are obtained through the Health Department. Consignment sales are strictly prohibited. Contact the Metro Codes zoning division to determine specific requirements that may affect your proposed sign before the sign is installed. A dwelling utilized as a rooming or boarding house may be in violation of the Zoning Code.

Rooming houses require a permit. All residential zone districts limit the number of dwelling units on the property. Conversions of residential or other accessory structures into dwelling spaces are required to have the proper permits prior to construction or occupancy. Short Term Rental Properties are permitted for certain property owners.

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Anyone who constructs, alters, repairs, enlarges, moves, or demolishes a building or structure, or part thereof, or any appurtenances connected or attached thereto must obtain a permit. Repairs to structures of a general, maintenance type do not require a permit e.

Vehicle Violations

Contact our Building Division at to determine if your project requires a permit. Only properly licensed contractors see: license search and verification form may obtain permits or perform work in Davidson County. However, homeowners may be permitted to perform work on their own personal residence or residential property. Any electrical, plumbing, or mechanical work being performed by a homeowner on a house must be approved by the Chief Inspector or the appropriate Metropolitan Board according to the Metro Code of Laws.

Protected trees are trees six inches or more in diameter on any property other than a property platted for a one or two family residential development.

Code Violations List

State law now requires all owners of residential rental units one to four family sized units are required to register their units with the Codes Department. Owners must provide the department with their physical address and contact Information and, if the property is being managed for them, the location and contact information for that agency. Post office boxes are not accepted. Registration is due annually by December Only one fee is required which covers all of the rental properties a person might own. Tired with dull grief, grown old before my day,. Long silent laughters, murmurings of dismay,.

On the thin breastwork flutter the grey rags,. Dead as the men I loved, wait while life drags. Its wounded length from those sad streets of war. I seek such neighbours here and I find none. With such strong gentleness and tireless will. Those ruined houses seared themselves in me,. Passionate I look for their dumb story still,. In the hot path the lizards lolled time out,. The saints in broken shrines were bright as blood. There we would go, my friend of friends and I,.

And snatch long moments from the grudging wars;. Whose dark made light intense to see them by Shrewd bit the morning fog, the whining shots. Spun from the wrangling wire; then in warm swoon. The sun hushed all but the cool orchard plots,. They hunted deer and small animals, gathered wild foods, and grew corn, beans, and squash on their farms. Caddo potters made beautiful decorated vessels out of the East Texas red clay. Around , the Caddo began building wooden temples atop towering mounds of earth.