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A wasteland walking simulator. Post-nuclear atmosphere and simple turn-based combat.

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About This Game Enter a dark wasteland and fight mutants to survive. An atmospheric open world to explore. Deadly lakes, rotten deserts and dangerous hills! Hand-painted textures. An army of rescued cats and dogs helps your quest on hex based battle maps. Simple turn-based combat rules for a relaxing experience.

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Slay stylish roamers and collect the teeth of the mutants in the underground. Mutant teeth - the currency of the wastes. Buy random weapons with game-play changing powers. Unlike other planeswalkers who are tired by the process of planeswalking, The Wanderer can planeswalk and then planeswalk again almost immediately - but only because if she doesn't focus she will be pulled at random from plane to plane. How she came to be this way and if her spark is different from all others may be at the heart of her endless journey through the multiverse and her desire to hide her identity.

Whether she seeks a person, place or thing remains to be seen, but a peaceful resolution to her never ending quest seems unlikely. She usually disappears quickly after a fight and stays hidden from investigators. The Wanderer was lured to Ravnica by the Interplanar Beacon , and immediately became trapped there due to Bolas 's use of the Immortal Sun.

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Alongside many other planeswalkers and Ravnicans, she fought against the Eternals of Bolas' Dreadhorde. She was one of the few planeswalkers who chose to remain on Ravnica after Chandra disabled the Immortal Sun, helping the Gatewatch in their fight against Bolas. She survived the battle, and was among the first planeswalkers to leave Ravnica after Bolas' defeat. The Wanderer is the only carded planeswalker character without a planeswalker type. Sign In. Free spirited Summer. Offbeat Thrills.

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