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In the middle of the th anniversary reenactment of the Battle of Cedar Creek, she is hurled back in time and lands in the middle of the battle itself, and from there is catapulted into dangers that threaten her life and shatter her heart. West Point graduate Kenzie Wallis-Manning planned to make the Army her career, but after being severely wounded during her second deployment, and suffering from PTSD, she retires from the military and enrolls in law school.

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While studying in England, she receives a package containing an emerald brooch with a Gaelic inscription. As soon as she sounds out the words engraved on the stone, she is whisked back in time to May 28, When a brooch is broken, some of its magic is lost. When NYPD detective JL O'Grady is invited to be her brother's plus-one at Montgomery Winery's end-of-harvest gala, she plans to enjoy a fabulous weekend in Napa drinking wine, enjoying sunset dinners on the veranda, and watching her brother's high school basketball tournament.

Instead, she's pulled into a murder investigation hauntingly similar to a New York City racketeering and drug case that nearly ended her career.

When Kit MacKlenna returned to her soul mate in the 19th century, Elliott Fraser thought he would never see his beloved goddaughter again. But when a message from Kit is discovered in a year-old painting, Elliot must either ignore Kit's request for help or test the Legend of the Three Brooches. With only the clothes on her back, a phenomenal memory for New York Giants players and stats, and a brooch that won't take her back home, she does what she has to do, pawns her jewelry.

Inside the box is a brooch engraved with a Gaelic inscription. After reciting the words, an earthy-scented fog engulfs Amber and whisks her off to Leadville, Colorado, in the year The Celtic Brooch 9 books in series. It's time to stock up on SummerReading If you enjoy long romantic stories filled with: -Family drama -Seasoned heroines Then check out the Celtic Brooch Series. Available in ebook, print, and audiobook. Start reading today for free on KindleUnlimited! Or listen to an audiobook!

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The Pearl Brooch audiobook will be released in days! Historical fiction, romance, time travel, science fiction, fantasy adventure, and family sagas. This series has it all! Who is your favorite strong, kick-butt woman? It's time to stock up on SpringBreak reading. If you enjoy historical romance filled with mystery, suspense, and family drama, check out the Celtic Brooch Series available in ebook, print, and audiobook.

The Pearl Brooch audiobook will be available in late April.

The Last MacKlenna: The Celtic Brooch, Book 2 (Unabridged)

If you've wondered how the inscriptions got on the gems used in the Celtic brooches, check out this video. The studio is featured on the book's cover. The book is now in the window along with paintings and sculptures. As a romance novel, I expected there to be sex scenes.

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Yes there were, and yes, they were detailed enough to make the book inappropriate for younger readers. I only had an issue with the scene where Kit loses her virginity.

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I even handed the book to a friend and asked her to read that scene without telling her why. The expressions on her face told me that she found it as poorly done as I did. Oddly, this was the only sex scene that I had an issue with. The others were all very well done. And yes, there were a good number of other sex scenes in the book. It was a romance novel, after all. Over all, I enjoyed this book for both the time travel and the romance aspects of the story.

Would I be willing to read other books by this author? Yes, especially if they are as well researched and written as this one. I seldom leave reviews but I had to for this one. This could've been a good book but like others have said, the amount of stuff she took back with her don't even start me on how in the world they are charging the I-pad is ridiculous. The writing was so choppy and the abrupt changes made me crazy.

And the lack of background information was unreal. I did make it all of the way through because I'm one of those eternal optimists, it has to get better right? I don't know if I can bring myself to buy book 2 and it saddens me because I love series reading.

The Emerald Brooch : Katherine Lowry Logan :

I'll rest on it for awhile before I make my decision. I really enjoyed this novel and the way the author wove the plot in and out of time, where the heroine and her family planned their lives around a special time travel enabling Ruby Brooch, was really interesting and rang differently from other time travel romances. I liked, too, that the heroine had unprotected sex and then got pregnant, which is what happens. I like my reality and fantasy mixed and this novel gave me heaps of interesting Oregon Trail detail as well as a delightful and satisfying romance.

Can't wait to read the others. A captivating love story of time travel from 's to A fascinating weaving of the two times into a good story. Life in the Oregon Trail is tough but even more so for one from the 21st century. Could I survive? Allez sur Amazon. Commentaires Besoin d'aide? Pour signaler une violation de droits d'auteur, cliquez ici.