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The narrative of mystery and intrigue that follows, will entertain a wider audience, while Jane Austen fans enjoy revisiting their favourite characters as they come together in their search for Mary.

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  • The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet.
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D'arcy fans will be initially disappointed by the faltering relationship between Elizabeth and Darcy, and by Darcy's cold, self fulfilling character. However this setting allows McCullough to revisit the successful Pride and Prejudice formula between Lizzy and Darcy as well as Mary Bennet and her suitor.

The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet

Jane Austen fans will need to get past some tacky language and conversation topics used by McCullough to demonstrate Mary's eccentricities, Lydia's appalling social condition, and the modernization of the Bennet sisters. While the dialogue may seem unlikely to some readers, it may not be as historically inaccurate as it seems.

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  6. I have read other sequels to Pride and Prejudice where unconvincing and bizarre social interaction has later been shown to be historically plausible. I was initially disappointed by the state of affairs between Darcy and Elizabeth, but was drawn in by a good page turning plot which I enjoyed all the way to a satisfying conclusion where love prevails and Mr Darcy returns to his pedestal. Print page Email this Permalink.

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    Book Details. Related Photos. Map Longreach Sent away after the Darcy marriage to care for her embarrassing mother, Mary is suddenly freed from two decades of genteel bondage when old Mrs.

    Bennet dies. Mary decides neither to accept the Darcys' invitation to move in with them nor to wed one of her ardent and eligible suitors, thereby appalling her relations. Yet more appalling is her plan to travel through England investigating the woes of the poor and downtrodden.

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    Though McCullough borrows the characters of Pride and Prejudice , she has no intention of duplicating Austen's literary style in all respects. Mary's project lends the novel a Dickensian turn, in which the risk of social death pales in comparison with the risk of literal death into which the plucky and intelligent but perilously sheltered Mary plunges herself. She is not the only worry besetting the Darcys. Their marriage has proved worse than a disappointment to both Fitz and Lizzie.

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    Lizzie's sister Lydia emerges, more disreputable than ever, to torment them. Fitz's mysterious friend Ned Skinner reveals sinister depths.

    Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley - Is it going to a ball?

    And the engaging Darcy children are at the brink of leaving the nest. Readers may find it easier to keep track of the many characters if Pride and Prejudice is fresh in their minds, but McCullough juggles her plots and subplots well and entertainingly.