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School life has never been so splendid. Jolly hockey sticks! Five on a Hike Together. Five Fall Into Adventure. Five Get Into Trouble. Five Go Off To Camp. My Naughty Little Sister. But no one can enter the shed without whispering the secret password! There are 15 Secret Seven novels, and a collection of short stories.

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Then she hides things inside the poor old bear's tummy, pours water down everyone's clothes! But can the world's naughtiest doll ever be good?.

Is Naughty Again! Gets Into Trouble!

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Dispatched with eBay shutl. Box set of 5 popular books. The famous five and the secret seven. Rest are all unread and excellent condition. Box is a little damaged but not alot see pics. Who is it - and what do they want?. Secret Seven Mystery. Secret Seven on the Trial. It's their first adventure and the Secret Seven super-sleuths are already on the trail of a mystery! The gang are dressed in disguise, following a lead to a spooky old house in the snow.

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Enid Blyton - Malory Towers School series. Second Form at Malory Towers. Third Year at Malory Towers. Upper Fourth at Malory Towers.

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In the Fifth at Malory Towers. Printed in United Kingdom. The Mystery of the Strange Bundle. The Mystery of the Dissappearing Cat. The Mystery of the Secret Room. The Mystery of the Spiteful Letters. The Mystery of the Missing Necklace. The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat. In Good Old Timmy, the five see a boy being kidnapped at the beach and set out to rescue him.

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Dark Witches are dangerous, secretive, and apparently…devilishly handsome. Emphasis on the devilish part. All I have to do is survive until I can find out who the hell I even am, and more importantly, what that really means. But the more I look for answers, the more I start to question if some secrets are better left untold. Dark Witch is the first book in the Academy of the Dark Arts series, a medium-burn reverse harem featuring a rebellious heroine and the three sexy warlocks who fall under her spell. Multiple alpha men, a submissive female, a bit of masochism, a dash of sadism, and a whole lot of lustful flavors are bound to spark your imagination and whet your appetite.

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Get lost in the Embittered Forest. Become enslaved by the brothel witch, Mari. Suffer tragically and finally escape with the two stepsiblings to Sugarland. Meet Plumpy and his fetish for mouthwateringly plump women and Mr. Mint, with his refreshingly domineering ways. Flee from Lord Licorice and Jolly Rancher. Or will she come back to Sugarland with an army, ready to claim the stepsiblings and the kingdom? Be prepared for strong language, violence, and sexual situations. I was always told growing up in my family, surrounded by magic, that I was a dud. I had no power except the ability to talk to ghosts.

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I spend my nights working and getting to flirt with my crush. Then one night, my life turned upside down. Working with the detective soon leads to a race to stop a killer who is bent on exposing the supernatural community to humans with more deaths. Join Victoria on her journey as she works to stop an evil being with the help from her crush Akira the werewolf, Lucian the wizard, and her ex-boyfriend Shax.

How many dragons are going to have to die before we finally do something about it? Her home is gone, her business destroyed, her confidence frayed. The fourth book in this purrfectly exciting urban fantasy series. A Damaged Past. A Desperate Need For Change. To become Wolf Cardinals, Harper and her men will have to take the next three months seriously and grow — mentally, physically, and emotionally — both as individuals and as a whole.

Half the pack is progressing well, but some members still struggle with the past and their insecurities. Harper also has to deal with her emotional trauma and figure out how she can take the next step in leadership before the day of the Cardinal Announcement. I might have my best friend back but his safety and that of my chosen family depends on me doing something I vowed never to do.

The relationships I was just starting to build, is that too high of a price? Sonny with his joking nature and dimples. Ford with his mysterious dominance and protective instinct. Eastern with his unyielding loyalty and feeling of home. This term at Oceanside Academy, my sanity will be pushed to the limit as I walk the fine line between friend and foe.