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Alexander Pope The sense they humbly take upon content. That which contents or satisfies; that which if attained would make one happy.

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Shakespeare So will I in England work your grace's full content. UK , House of Lords An expression of assent to a bill or motion ; an affirmate vote.

Contentment: The Secret to a Long and Happy Life

UK , House of Lords A member who votes in assent. Verb content third-person singular simple present contents , present participle contenting , simple past and past participle contented transitive To give contentment or satisfaction; to satisfy; to gratify; to appease. You can't have any more - you'll have to content yourself with what you already have. Bible, Mark xv. Watts Do not content yourselves with obscure and confused ideas, where clearer are to be attained. Shakespeare Come the next Sabbath, and I will content you. Pronunciation Pronunciation example: audio Homophone: comptant Adjective content masc.

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License This article is distributed under the terms of this license. This derives from an ancient Chinese tale of a group of servants competing for alcoholic drinks from their master. The fellow who could draw a snake the fastest was to be the winner, but one contestant went overboard and drew legs on his snake. Same finger, different name. It seems topical remedies were applied with that finger back in the old days. Once foreign kanji learners begin to read extensively in their target language, they are bound to encounter unfamiliar jukugo.

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We are closed from 25th April till 1st May Stay tuned Thank you. Good morning peeps! We are glad to inform you that we are back in business. Hope to see you guys soon.

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Wishing you a happy, healthy and wealthy Chinese New Year. Dear customers, our shop will be closed on Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Business will be resumed on Happy New Year to all Manzoku Lovers! See you guys next year ;.

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Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas everyone! Good evening, peeps! Now we have more varieties and flexible choices for you either in flavors or pricing!

The best value meal is starting from RM8. Please feel free to personal message us for our Menu reference: A. Thank you very much for introducing and exploring our restaurant.

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The comments about your dining experience is greatly appreciated. Globalisation has brought us fusion of cultures and most importantly fusion of food and tastes. Enter Manzoku, a new, quaint restaurant located at Promenade Penang. A modern Japanese themed restaurant, they serve mainly burgers, pastas and rice with a twist.

Japanese curry pasta with a choice of burger patty, bacon strips, chicken or fish?


How about Japanes curry burgers? Or try out their latest addition to the menu, the Japanese rice burger with a selection of salmon, tuna bacon, or pork. There's also Nasi Lemak inspired dishes and the mother of them all, the Gojiraaa burger. Do swing by during lunch time to grab a burger to go or dine in for their pasta or rice. The environment is nice and cozy, especially the first floor, with space big enough for a small event or gathering with friends. Being a lost sheep to our restaurant?

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See you there! To all Bayan Baru Friends! Tasty Pork Burger starts from RM8.