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Your mother is going to suggest that you throw yourself into your career. Your single friends are going to start telling you to sleep less and party more. Your guy friends are going to recommend hitting the gym. Your coworkers will begin chattering about online dating apps. I could keep going, but I'm sure the pattern is starting to get overwhelming especially if you're in the thick of things right now. Much like no two relationships are truly alike, no two breakups are truly alike.

I'm a huge proponent of literature therapy. I don't actually think the term "literature therapy" is a real thing. I may have entirely made that up, so I'll explain. I want to run, I want to hide From all the pain he caused inside. I want to scream, I want to cry.

Why can't I tell him goodbye? Hey Hannah. I have felt like you before.

The Broken Heart

You can fall for someone so completely and they could never feel the same. Just focus on what makes you feel happy. One day you will see he won't even I tried so hard. I tried my best.

When He Left

I gave you my all, And now there's nothing left. He was my first love We started dating while I was in high school. He was at university. We were so much in love, promising each other that we would be together forever. He taught me how to Lord, hear my prayer oh so dear. My heart is aching; my mind isn't clear. My love has left me; it hurts my soul. Without that love I don't feel whole.

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I know how you feel. My boyfriend left me last summer. Today would have been our anniversary. I feel so empty without him. I tried dating again, but he's always on my mind. When I had problems he was the one I went to. I love this poem so much it just tells the story of what I went through. Lauren, one of Hurricane Katrina victims God bless everyone who lost someone in their life this should be number 1 of the top favorite poems cause it is a favorite of mine.

I am voting for this peom because I can relate personally to every single line. It's DEEP! I just went through a break up and that is how i feel right now.

Analysis of Barnes’ “The Broken Heart”

It hurts so much to lose the one u loved. This poem really caught a lot of the aspects of a regretful broken heart.

In some respects the feelings of my own regretful heart. So I've been feeling a lot of these things for the past week. The regret, the confusion, repeative words screaming in the mind as the memories refuse to leave you alone even in your dreams on the nights you can sleep. That's why I like this poem. It caught so many of the aspects i've been feeling inside. I have to print this poem out and read it every day. As I read it, it spoke directly to me. It told me exactly how I feel. Last week, I watched my wife give birth to my first child, the next day I found out that she had an affiar that lasted nearly half of our marriage.

As I read the poem I felt like I was looking in a mirror that showed me how I felt inside. I couldn't have described it better myself. Thanks John Laset. This poem is wonderful.

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It really explains the confusion which is felt when a relationship is at an end. This is a good poem it is like you jumped inside my head and untwisted my words. I would like to read more of your work if its possible. That really stood out to me, I can definately relate to the emotions it evoked. By far one of my favorite poems! I had a child with the man I love and when I was pregnant he acted so excited to be a father but after my beautiful baby boy was born he changed what a suprise.

Everyone kept telling me that he was sleeping with another girl. He would call me when he wasnt around her and tell me about how he wanted to be with me and how he still loved me but when he was around her he was mean and said he didnt love me.

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This angered me so badley because I thought how could the man that I thought loved me and wanted to have a family be with another girl? Tonight he finally admitted to me that they were together, and the words in this poem descibe the way that I felt and that I feel. Though I feel all of these feelings I feel better now that I finally heard the truth out of his mouth. This poet is talented and focuses on the real thing not some fairy tale.