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Y contra el terrorismo, todo esfuerzo es poco. Triste consuelo. Pogajanja so bila dolga in naporna. To danes ne deluje. Skrbi me, ali bo ta prestal sodno sito. Podobne skrbi imam tudi do predloga, ki je na mizi. Podatki, ki jih potnik sam vnese ob rezervaciji letalske vozovnice, niso zanesljivi. I perfectly agree with our Croatian colleague that it is good to have a harmonised system when it comes to PNR, also considering accession — not the Croatian accession, but for the other countries of the Western Balkans where we know in particular how bad the situation is concerning cooperation between the police, the judiciary, agencies and information and secret services.

Monica Macovei ECR. On veut nous faire croire que c'est l'outil miracle contre le terrorisme. Alors on sort le PNR de notre chapeau.

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C'est cela que nous devons rendre obligatoire et que le PNR n'impose aucunement. Monika Hohlmeier PPE. Ich will ein paar Sachen richtigstellen. Drittens: Es gibt nur einen eng eingegrenzten Zugang zu den Daten. Es ist definitiv falsch zu behaupten, dass hier massenweise die Daten von Menschen eingesehen werden. Es werden gezielte Suchalgorithmen durchgeschickt. Willkommen im Zeitalter der modernen Technik! Wir sind nicht mehr im Jahr , sondern wir sind im Jahr Es ist falsch, heute andere Behauptungen aufzustellen. Frau Hohlmeier! Ich habe eine Frage: Sie sagen, es ist nicht richtig, dass alle Daten der Flugreisenden genutzt werden.

But it is not in line in all details, many of which are very important details. I ask you: why was the EPP against there being an obligation to inform passengers about their rights, about the collection of information? This was envisaged, but it is not there. Why are the functions of the data protection officers limited compared to the directive?

And third, why was the EPP against automated data sharing, which could be effective using new technology? Darum sollten wir dieses Schattengefecht endlich sein lassen. Daniel Dalton ECR. Combating cross-border crime and terrorism is one such area.

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  • We have a duty to provide our citizens with safety and security. Criminals and terrorists do not respect national borders and legal jurisdictions — they will exploit any gaps and weaknesses. We need a fighting chance against them. So do we not need everything we possibly can to help us trace their movements? Therefore my Conservative colleague Mr Kirkhope has my full support, and I want to thank him for all the work he has done.

    It is time for this Parliament to fulfil its responsibilities and adopt this important crime-fighting measure. Alain Lamassoure PPE. Nous faisons de la politique. What has kept the national governments? Maybe you should ask them rather than accuse us. If we want to analyse the data, first we need to collect it under clear rules. The PNR Directive is a good example of how to achieve a balance between security and privacy.

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    • We have introduced into the directive many data protection safeguards and principles that guarantee respect for fundamental rights. For instance, we have a purpose-limitation principle and the masking-out of data after six months. There is an established monitoring mechanism with a strong position for the data protection authorities, and a list of serious crimes.

      In addition, the EU PNR Directive has a new section dedicated to data protection and privacy standards, explicitly mentioning the role of national data protection authorities as well as the obligation of appointing a data protection officer in each of the personal information units. But we feel there is a lack of binding obligations to share the data and have a centralised unit for collecting and processing PNR data.

      Mais la lutte contre le terrorisme ne se limite pas au PNR.

      Elisabetta Gardini PPE. Lo vogliono affossare, i cittadini lo devono sapere! Milan Zver PPE. Varnostni organi bodo na podlagi algoritmov potovalnih vzorcev, v povezavi s podatki o uporabi kreditnih kartic, naslovih in kriminalnih datotek potnikov in tako naprej, povezali te informacije v konsistentno analizo situacije ter na podlagi tega lahko sprejeli oceno varnostnega tveganja.

      How much more blood has to be shed before we come together and drop this ideologically infected debate?

      I am sad that there is still resistance to adopting obvious measures when the experts tell us clearly that PNR is essential to prevent and combat terrorism. Passenger name records are not a magic recipe against terrorism but an essential tool in a limited toolbox.

      At the moment we do not know what happens to our data when we travel. With the new PNR we will have more transparency and common safeguards. Member States will be able to exchange information in a secure way, also via Europol. The key is better information-sharing to identify the routes taken by foreign fighters going back and forth, for example to Syria and Iraq, to train and plan attacks against us.

      I also welcome the fact that the Member States decided — despite the fact that the EPP was against it — to also include intra—EU flights. We also need to work on anti—radicalisation, prevention, better control of our external border and more cooperation with third countries. But the key is that we come together to face terrorism. The speaker agreed to take a blue-card question under Rule 8. I object to that expression. If you are saying this, I would like you to have some more arguments rather than simply promising that there will be more and better security.

      You know as well as I do that in cases where we know about terrorist attacks, no PNR provision would have prevented these attacks. No one will give you a guarantee that something — a tool, an instrument — will suddenly make terrorism and organised crime disappear from Europe, obviously not. But the police, the intelligence community, Europol, all the experts we have been talking to throughout the years because we are not experts on terrorism : they tell us clearly that PNR is a way to give them a tool to better collect and use information on travel.

      When we talk about European citizens travelling to Syria and to Iraq to be radicalised, trained to attack freely there and come back, it is …. Nuno Melo PPE. Aprovem, por favor, o PNR. Brice Hortefeux PPE.

      Mais qu'en savent-ils? L'orateur refuse une question "carton bleu" de M. Daniel Buda PPE. Por tanto, este Parlamento ha hecho su trabajo. Abbiamo un disperato bisogno di strumenti europei coordinati e globali per contrastare la minaccia del terrorismo, dal momento che abbiamo avuto prova dell'inefficacia di un approccio esclusivamente nazionale. Sono fermamente convinto che lo scambio di dati personali debba essere accompagnato dalla creazione di un quadro giuridico chiaro sul loro utilizzo.

      Ja, het is goed dat er passagiersgegevens worden uitgewisseld, maar ik betreur het toch wel een beetje dat het 28 databases zullen zijn, dat de landen zelf kunnen beslissen of ze de gegevens vrijwillig delen en dat dit dus niet verplicht wordt.