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It can enable a person to begin a process of spiritual change on a universal path of transformation that leads to enlightenment.

People have sought Gnosis throughout history, and there are certain practices used to acquire it. These were often represented symbolically in myths and sacred scriptures; however, these ancient references are generally very obscure and fragmented. An Introduction to Gnosis presented a clear introduction to this timeless knowledge, which has been unveiled in a tangible way in the modern teachings of Gnosis.

It explained the relevance Gnosis has to the modern world.

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The course provided an introduction to the basic principles of modern Gnosticism and how it is practiced, outlining the modern Gnostic view of awakening, life, death, karma, and enlightenment. It also examined ancient Gnosticism and showed its commonalities with, and relevance to, the modern Gnostic teachings. A video welcoming new students to the course. In addition to illustrating key Gnostic concepts, each week there was a practice to try, which provided a hands-on way to explore spirituality and gain inner knowledge through firsthand experience, as Gnostics have done through the ages.

Specific topics and exercises varied and changed from course round to course round. Recommended readings were given from all books on the website as well as ancient Gnostic scripture, such as spiritual texts found in the Nag Hammadi Library. They can also be listened to on Stitcher and Player. I think this was the first course I signed up for when I was first introduced to the TGM in the Toronto centre back in late Originally a friend had mentioned an astral course at the public library they had taken a few years prior with TGM and when they had suddenly come across another poster in their neighbourhood advertising for it at a new location, they highly recommended that I attend it with them.

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An Introduction to Gnosis

New Releases. Free delivery worldwide. Expected to be delivered to Germany by Christmas. Description "Only a mind that is at peace can solve problems. To understand it, one must experience it.

Real spirituality and religion begin with experience of the truth, and the method to acquire that experience is primarily practical. However, to experience the reality that is beyond the physical senses, our psychological condition is key: if our mind is disturbed, chaotic, contradictory, then it will remain an obstacle and source of suffering.

Introduction to Gnosis provides a straight-forward, practical way to stabilize your mind and your life, to prepare you for the journey to real self-knowledge. Only when the mind is at peace and serene do we have the opportunity to deeply understand anything. As the blazing fire reduces wood to ashes; similarly, the fire of self-knowledge reduces all bonds of karma to ashes Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x 15mm People who bought this also bought.

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