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Paderborn, Now accessible via Google Books and other digital portals. Francisci strict. Recollectiones morales extemporaneae super Theologiam moralem universam a Kiliani Kazenberger, in froma compedii praesentatae, ac in irdinem connexionis materiarum digestae ab a Cherubino Mayr N. Pezzana, Madrid, IX, nos. Paulinus de Scarbimiria Paulin of Skalbmierz, d. Polish Observant friar, active as a preacher and confessor, who died in Cracow on August 5, To him is ascribed an illustrated art of memory, geared towards the needs of preachers, entitled Populus meus captivus ductus est a quote from Isaiah The manuscript is known as the 'Codex of Pawel of Lomza', and amounts to a substantial miscellany with a wide range of differents treatises, sermons, pilgrimage accounts, miracle texts including Caesarius of Heisterbach's Dialogus Miraculorum.

For more information on the manuscript and the author, see the introduction to the edition, as well as the literature mentioned below. Neuordnungen des Wissens im Jahrhundert , ed. Italian friar.

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Active in the Padua convent December Priest around , and lector in probably also considering his age after he had passed through a non-degree lectorate course at a Franciscan studium generale. In October mentioned as custos of the Venice custody. Between and , he was active as inquisitor of the March of Treviso. Between and , the Venetian republic used Paulinus as ambassador at the neapolitan court of king Robert of Anjou. In , Paulinus can be found at Aix-en-Provence. By then, he is already papal penitentiary. The pope also uses Paulinus as papal ambassador at Venice. BF V Rome, , n.

During his years as bishop, Paulinus frequents the court of Robert of Anjou and becomes a favorite counsellor of the king. Paulinus dies at Pozzuoli before the first of July, During the years of his episcopate, Paulinus became rather active as historian, chronographer and geographer. He produced three large, densely illustrated and indexed chronicles, which can be seen as three different versions with changing organisational matrices.

These chronicles are the Chronologia magna mss. Venice, Bibl. Florence, Laurentiana Plut. Cessena, Bibl. Francisci; ms. Bamberg, Hist. See Heullant-Donat]. Rezension, Heft 1 und 2, ed. Marci Venetiarum , ed. Paolino Puteolano Episcopo , ed. Mussafia Vienna-Florence, Partial editions namely the second book on family life have also been edited as Del governo della famiglia , ed.

Rossi Perugia, [ De Regimine Rectoris , inspired by De Regimine Principum of Giles of Rome, and produced in the Venetian vernacular on request of Marino Badoer, Duke of Crete, deals with the responsibilities of various communities, namely familis, colleges, cities, states etc. The first part of the work deals with the necessary qualities of the rector or governor esp. The third part deals with the government of communities as such dealing with proper counsel, the proper application of law, the importance of justice and the primordial importance to keep the interests of the people at heart.

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For more information see especially:. Eubel Quaracchi, ; BF , 5 Rome, , II ; H. X ; G. Ghinato, Fra Paolino da Venezia, O. Studi e testi francescani, I Rome, ; D.

Geburtstag am September , 3 Vols. Heullant-Donat, Entrer dans l'histoire. Fra Elemosina e Paolino da Venezia. Paris, ; L. Passion Devotion in Late-Medieval Culture , ed. MacDonald, H. Schlusemann Groningen, , Kartographische Konzepte , ed. Studien und Texte, 58 Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz Verlag, Franciscan spiritual reformer and one of the founding fathers of the Franciscan Observant movement. L'opera di fra Paoluccio Trinci Assisi, Melchior de Pobladura Rome, Brother of the more famous Andrea Argoli. Paolo joined the Conventuals at an early age. He was a promising and precocious student, who finished at a young age at the Collegium S.

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Bonaventurae in Rome and had just been given his first Lenten cycle to preach publicly in Rosigliano, near Bari, when he died at the age of Propositiones paralellae S. Thomae Aquin. Never published due to his untimely death. Giovanni Franchini, Bibliosofia e memorie letterarie di scrittori Francescani conventuali Ch'hanno scritto dopo 'Anno Modena: Eredi Soliani Stampatori, , Paulus Assisiensis Paolo d'Assisi, fl.

go to link Born in Assisi at the end of the Fourteenth century. He took his vows in Assisi as a conventual friar.

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Continued his theological studies after his ordination. He apparently reached the Magisterium and taught at Padua. After a dramatic meeting with Bernardino da Siena, Paolo left the Conventuals in and became an Observant friar.

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For a number of years he traveled with Bernardino and also embarked on preaching journeys of his own, visiting Perugia, Florence, Padua and Venice. He left a Quadragesimale, and allegedly also a Life of Bernardino. The contents of his preaching are to some extent known thanks to the the vernacular reportationes of his Lenten cycle by a lay listener in Florence, now found in MS Florence, Bibioteca Nazionale Centrale, Magliabechiano XXI These reportationes indicate that Paolo used a wealth of exegetical techniques, privileging stories and embellishments of these stories taken from the Old Testament.

Paulinus Bajanus Paulinus Bajan, fl.

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Member of the Capuchin Brescia province, and renowned for his 20 years service among those afflicted by the plague at Milan, Brescia, and Marseile. He wrote his experience down in his Dialogo sulla peste after By , he was the guardian of the Treviglio convent.

Dialogo sulla peste , partial edition in F. A complete edition based on a manuscript found in the Capuchin archives of the Milan province was published by Ildefono Aliverti da Como, Italia francescana A new edition appeared as: Paolo Bellintani, Dialogo della peste, ed.

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Bonari, I conventi ed i cappuccini bresciani Milan, ; A. One of the friars who was incarcerated in Perugia ca. Compilor of sermons de Sanctis, heavily dependent upon the sermons of Jacobus de Tresanti. Giacomo da Tresanti, lettore, predicatore d. Entered the friars minor adopting the name Paolo. Studied theology at Naples, reaching the magisterium in June Taught as a lector at the convents of Cuneo, Bra and Turin. Provincial minister and difinitor general for the order at the general chapter of Toledo. In this quality, Paolo travelled to Madrid and Barcelona.

Returned to Italy via Nice and Venice. Became confessor of Christine de France, Duchess of Savoye and with her support obtained the position of bishop of Alba-Pompeia 15 December Held several diocesan synods , , , , published synodal statutes and also embarked on historiographical and biographical projects a. A number of these texts were published.

He died on 2 November Rome, II, ; F. Meyranesius, Pedemontium Sacrum , ed. Bosio Turin, , ; A. Mathis, Storia dei monumenti sacri e delle famiglie di Bra Alba, , ; B. Gams, Series Episcoporum , ; L. French Capuchin friar. He joined the order at Amiens, to become a missionary in the Levant After a stint as novice master in Paris , he was again active as a missionary in Constantinople and Smyrna He died in the Couvent des capucins du faubourg Saint-Jacques Paris in Available via Gallica.

Paris: Veuve D. Thierry, Paul de Lagny Paris: G. This work received a number of additional editions and was also translated into Italian editions in ,, and Canones amoris sacri, collectore P.