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And why, for example, is the image of woman so often associated with death, as in Great Expectations? Dickens's own struggles over relationships with women have been documented, but much less has been said about the unconscious elements behind these problems. Using recent developments in psychoanalytic object-relations theory, David Holbrook offers new insight into the way in which the novels of Dickens - particularly Bleak House, Little Dorrit, and Great Expectations - both uphold emotional needs and at the same time represent the limitations of this view of women and that of his time.

Holbrook pays tribute to Stephen Marcus's observation that Dickens was haunted by the Primal Scene and expands this diagnosis, suggesting how Dickens's residual dread about sexual intercourse deformed all Dickens's dealings with female characters, despite his eminent goodwill and delight in the image of woman. Charles J. Kickham: A study in Irish nationalism and literature By R. Charles M. Well known for his sketches, paintings, and sculptures of the Old West, Charles M. Russell was also an accomplished author in the humorous genre known as 'local color. Marking the fiftieth anniversary of Vladimir Nabokov's momentous novel 'Lolita' is a work which strives to dig deep into the heart of one of literature's most haunting and endearing characters.

This remarkably insightful work of literary criticism calls on readers to consider Lolita, the character, in context of Nabokov's time so modern readers can appreciate this classic, bias free. Chaucer and His England By G. This volume has a two-fold purpose of attempting a reassessment of the work of our greatest medieval author and of re-surveying the writings of the 15th century in light of modern scholarship. In The Cherry Orchard, Anton Chekhov's last full-length play, an impoverished landowning family is unable to face the fact that their estate is about to be auctioned off.

Lopakhin, a local merchant, presents numerous options to save it, including cutting down their prized cherry orchard. But the family is stricken with denial. The Cherry Orchard charts the precipitous descent of a wealthy family and in the process creates a bold meditation on social change and bourgeois materialism.

The Nobel Prize-winning poet comments on the nature, communicative function, and evolution of modern poetry. The Spanish-American poet comments on the nature, communicative function, and evolution of modern poetry. Presents critical essays on "Things fall apart" from a variety of perspectives, including ethnographic, pedagogical, and ideological ones. Everson Italian Perspectives, No. Publishing just in time for the release of the movie version of The Hobbit, a balanced guide helps readers uncover the essential Christian aspects that lie at the center of Tolkien's classic work. Traces Isherwood's development from an idealistic young man of the s to his present position as a gay-rights activist, giving careful consideration to all of his writings, including his acclaimed portrait of fascist Germany.

Traces the brief life of the controversial and enigmatic English dramatist, and discusses the circumstances of his death. Essays reveal the author's thoughts on the painstaking craftmanship involved in the art of writing poetry. City Dog: Essays By W. When a self-proclaimed "lazy scholar" embarks on a trip through his life's influences--as diverse as girl-group doo-wop, Yeats, and Van Gogh--readers are in for an illuminating ride.

This collection of essays from cultural critic Di Piero veers from his early years as the son of immigrants in Philadelphia to his working life in art, film, music, and poetry. Along with a few choice essays reprinted from out-of-print collections, Di Piero's new work shows him to be insightful about himself and his work despite his protestations against the "boosterism" of autobiography. Through the lens of his sharp artistic analysis, readers see his story--an immigrant story filled with the music and mystery of a multilingual family, the men of his neighborhood wearing so many hats as they worked--as the auspicious beginning for his life of observation and revelation.

His prose sings along, tripping across slang, poetry, and painters with the same precision that allows him to nearly dance about architecture. Though Di Piero would claim that his life's path "lurches and swerves," his essays prove that he has wandered expansively and with purpose--a city dog trotting across continents, along pages, and through galleries.

While one of the central drives in classic American letters has been a reflexive desire to move away from the complexity and supposed corruption of cities toward such idealized nonurban settings as Cooper's prairies, Thoreau's woods, Melville's seas, Whitman's open road, and Twain's river, nearly the opposite has been true in African-American letters. Indeed the main tradition of African-American literature has been, for the most part, strikingly positive in its vision of the city.

Although never hesitant to criticize the negative aspects of city life, classic African-American writers have only rarely suggested that pastoral alternatives exist for African-Americans and have therefore celebrated in a great variety of ways the possibilities of urban living. In the words of Alain Locke, the city provided "a new vision of opportunity" for African-Americans that could enable them to move from an enslaving "medieval" world to a modern world containing the possibility of liberation.

More recent African-American literature has also been noteworthy for its largely affirmative vision of urban life. Amiri Baraka's essay "Black Literature and the Afro-American Nation: The Urban Voice" argues that, from the Harlem Renaissance onward, African-American literature has been "urban shaped," producing a uniquely "black urban consciousness. Gwendolyn Brook's poetry and Gloria Naylor's fiction, likewise, celebrate this sense of cultural unity in the black city. Williams, Charles Johnson, Samuel R. The authors of these essays range from critics in America to those abroad, as well as from specialists in African-American literature to those in other fields.

CBC Massey Lectures series. Renowned author Alberto Manguel takes a fresh look at the rise of violent intolerance in our societies. With his trademark wit and erudtion, Manguel suggests a fresh approach: We should look at what visionaries, poets, novelists, essayists, and filmmakers here to say about building societies.

Perhaps the stories we tell hold secret keys to the human heart. In reminding us, Manguel draws fascinasting and revelatory parallels between the personal and political realities of our present-day world and those of myth, legend, and story. Notes, Index. This anthology brings together core classical texts for understanding literature. The selections from Plato illustrate the poetic philosopher's surprising exclusion of poets from his ideal republic.

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In his response, Poetics, Aristotle draws on the works of the great Greek playwrights to defend the value of the art. Horace's The Art of Poetry is a vivid practitioner's guide that promotes a style of poetic craftsmanship rooted in wisdom, ethical insight, and decorum.

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Longinus's On the Sublime explores the nature of inspiration in poetry and prose. This volume is a work of great value and interest to classicists, students, and writers. In her Introduction, Penelope Murray compares and contrasts the viewpoints of these formidable critics as well as their impact on the Western tradition. This edition also includes a new bibliography and chronology and comprehensive notes to each of the texts.

A dissertation submitted to the English faculty of Princeton University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Offers a brief profile of F.

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Scott Fitzgerald, and discusses the plot, characters, and themes in "The Great Gatsby. Offers critical commentaries, character analyses, essays, and review questions on "Atlas Shrugged. Coleridge on Imagination By I.

Review – Afrasia: A Tale of Two Continents

A comprehensive study of Coleridge as a man, artist, and thinker. Describes the poet's complex, briliant, but flawed personality and assesses his work as a poet, journalist, memoirist, lecturer, letter-writer, critic, philosopher, and artist. A lively evaluation of an author who has been described as 'eluding analysis'. Collected Plays and Poems, By J. This collection brings together the previously published plays and selected poems written by Nigerian author Clark-Bekederemo over three decades with a fine page introduction by Abiola Irele. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc.

Portland, Or. He is a genius of the sensorium as Kerouac was and a master of the ear as is Miles Davis. He is a carver in space like Van Gogh.

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Volume One: Volume Two: Volume Three: Volume Five: Textual Evidence and Commentary. During his lifetime, Robert Frost nororiously resisted collecting his prose - going so far as to halt the publication of one prepared compilation and to 'lose' the transcripts of the Charles Eliot Norton Lectures he delivered at Harvard in But for all his qualms, Frost conceded to his son that 'you can say a lot in prose that verse won't let you say,' and that the prose he had written had in fact 'made good competition for [his] verse. Records the creative and intellectual development of Emerson as a man of letters through a collection of his writings.

Articles describe the works of a variety of short story writers. A lucid reference with more than essays on major writers and themes. Part I is comprised of articles on stories tghat share a particular theme, such as 'Working Class Stories' or 'Stories of the Holocaust.

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Each essay offers a brief biographical sketch, an overview of the author's career and major motifs, and analyses of at least two stories. Each entry also contains a bibliography listing the subject's short-story collections as well as sources for more detailed criticism. Games Educational Toys 5. Crafts 2. Music 1.

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Featured Refinements see all Featured Refinements. Wooden Train 3. Word by word emancipation and the act of writing.