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The company will be receiving additional funding from SBCO who has negotiated a substantial line of credit from an Investment Banking firm which will also allow for expansion of markets for the Airline. Additionally, the credit line will allow for funding of other portfolio companies. SBCO has received encouraging information from their new Auditors and expects past years filings to.

A higher number of jobs then previously noted, will be added in the Rockford project. Select Business and Corporation Opportunities Inc. The management feels that by participating in the program, that at least thirty 30 new jobs can be established in the area. This facility will allow for manufacturing of large municipal valves from assembly to final coating and testing.

As a result of receiving a confirmation of supply awards for a major water company in New England, the expansion will be necessary. This expansion will add ten 10 additional jobs in the USA in a labor surplus area. The water filtration system has recently completed a successful system test with an International Agricultural producer. The engineers reported considerable improvement in plant production in just one week of observation and recordation of installation. The harsh environment of the well water provided a challenge for the filtration system, yet the system outperformed all expectations.

Testing at a second site will begin within thirty 30 days in a location where flowers and other plants are cultivated. We are making significant progress now and finally feel confident in our choice to move forward to straighten out the past.

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SBCO seems to be ready to fly once more investors realize the value of this micro-cap company. From girders, pilings and railroad ties to bridge substructures, AXION's American-made products are ideally suited to a broad array of applications. People around the world are demanding clean, non-toxic alternative building supplies and methods. And compared to traditional building materials like wood, steel or concrete, AXION's products are extremely cost competitive, feature longer life cycles and lower maintenance costs. AXION's long-lasting, durable products simply outperform traditional materials: they won't rust, splinter, crumble, rot, absorb moisture or leach toxic chemicals into the environment.

The materials are completely impervious to infestation by insects, marine borers and other marine parasites and resist creep, graffiti, fading and ultraviolet degradation.

Straits Times, 25 May 2013

On the job site, these innovative products require no special tools or training to install, enabling a seamless transition from old materials to new with no down time or additional expenditures. AXION's aesthetically-pleasing products are used as-is with no need for paint, stain or treatment. Finally, as an added bonus, AXION's materials generate a positive impact on greenhouse gases and could potentially be eligible for carbon credits, which are currently traded on the Chicago Carbon Exchange.

The Company's innovative, miniaturized technology contains an embedded microchip and battery that deliver pulsed electromagnetic field energy, a clinically proven and widely accepted anti-inflammatory and pain relief therapy that has only been possible to obtain from large, facility-based equipment. Currently, the main applications are aimed at the OTC markets for back pain, knee pain and menstrual pain. BioElectronics Corporation www. Pain disrupts the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

The current pain therapies have limited therapeutic benefits and in many cases devastating side effects. BioElectronics has developed and obtained major regulatory, retailer and European distributor acceptance for its safe, inexpensive and effective analgesic OTC devices. Physicians, sports trainers, and therapists around the world have used pulsed shortwave therapy successfully for decades to reduce pain and inflammation and accelerate healing. The Company has reduced the clinic apparatus to wafer thin disposable devices that are applied directly to the body.

The home use extended duration therapy is significantly safer and more effective than competitive heat or cold pads or pain medications. The devices consist of an inexpensive patented microchip, battery, antenna, and affixing wraps or adhesive.

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Additionally, we have just retained Dr. Christine Dumas, a seasoned television news reporter and trusted television personality to lead our public and medical relations programs. We plan to accelerate product awareness as an efficacious, safe and cost effective therapeutic agent, and to extract our pending US FDA OTC market clearance from the bureaucracy. There is a dire need for a drug-free efficacious analgesic to negate the devastating effects of acetaminophen, non-steroidal drugs, and narcotic pain killers.

First Liberty Power Corp. Its chief target elements consist of lithium, antimony, vanadium, uranium, and graphite. Lithium is important because it offers a clean alternative to fossil fuels and is expected to be a growing trend of the future.

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Uranium is a hot topic as it is expected to see an upcoming shortfall of supply in the near future which could drive up prices. The rapid focus of development towards solar energy and wind power opens opportunities to the vanadium industry, based industry needs for vanadium based batteries. There is a continual growth in demand for strategic industrial minerals and FLPC is aggressively implementing strategies to be the lead domestic supplier. In the recent WSJ interview, Mr. Hartman discusses Premier Biomedical's revolutionary approach to medical treatment research and development.

Mitchell Felder, Premier Biomedical physically removes the pathophysiologic basis of a disease by processing the body fluids, such as blood for blood-borne diseases and cerebral spinal fluid for neurologic-based diseases. Premier Biomedical has been successful in killing a cancer tumor in a test tube by simply eliminating the molecular compounds determined to be important in the growth factor of cancer. The company's procedure takes only about 10 minutes, and within 24 hours the cancer tumor dies.

Premier Biomedical, Inc. In contrast, nearly a third of the mice subjected to chemotherapy were deceased, while the control group fared far worse than either of the other groups. In contrast, the size of the tumors within the mice subjected to chemotherapy continued to grow rapidly throughout the duration of the study. In animal cancer studies, greater weight is typically a strong indication of greater health. Mitchell S. Felder, M. In these mice test results, an unlikely biological process appears to occur in which the immune system is enabled by the treatment and fights off and kills the cancer.

In response to the laboratory studies, William A. Premier Biomedical's methodology is undoubtedly in its infancy. But with the right funding, support from our organizational partners and from the compassionate cancer community, we have good reason to believe that we can cure breast cancer. Just as significantly, we have good reason to believe that we may be able to finally offer a more effective treatment option that saves patients from the harm of chemotherapy, which remains the best current and available treatment today.

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In NanoTech Entertainment was formed to focus on the coin-op and casino gaming markets. NanoTech built an innovative coin-op racing game, Xtreme Rally Racing. That was followed by the development of its Digital Pinball machine, Multi-Pin.

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The horse racing unit was subsequently shut down and the company name was changed to NanoTech Entertainment, and the ticker symbol was changed to NTEK. The NanoTech Entertainment private company was dissolved. In January, , NanoTech Entertainment entered into a share exchange agreement and formed a partnership to focus on digital media and IPTV with a newly formed media company. NanoTech Media publishes original content, licenses and broadcasts licensed content, and develops and licenses proprietary TV technology to third parties.

In April, , NanoTech Entertainment entered into a share exchange agreement and formed a partnership to focus on the mobile app space with a newly formed communications company. This business unit, NanoTech Communications Corporation, develops and publishes technology and applications for the smartphone industry including iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

This business unit publishes original apps, licenses and distributes licensed apps, and develops and licenses proprietary mobile technology to third parties. NTEK has outperformed many of it's peers the past 8 months and does not appear to be slowing down. In order to achieve optimal returns on capital deployed into various mining and metals assets, the company utilizes a traditional project development business-revenue model, investment structure and execution plan for all Assets Under Management AUM.

KDNG targets opportunities which require asset monetization and commoditization along the entire mining and metals value chain. Due to the increase in precious metals gold, silver etc. After a market study, it was determined the importation of these sleep pads was too expensive. The management of RX Healthcare then conducted an extensive search to find a US mill that produced a similar therapeutic spacer fabric. None could be found until early , when contact was made with a North Carolina producer of industrial fabrics including spacer fabrics.

This textile mill developed and produces the EPIC therapeutic spacer fabric. The dispersion effect from the concave channels increases circulation and ventilation, while decreasing moisture and retaining mild body warmth. EPOR has million authorized shares with This one stays on heavy watch! Stay tuned our next uncompensated hot small cap stock pick is coming soon! If you would like a FREE technical chart and trend analysis click the banner at the top of this page and you will be redirected.

This Continuation leverages patented technology for instant and text messages, and inherits the same Priority date of November 29, A Response in Europe will be filed in 2 weeks. Lawful Intercept is a revolutionary technology that addresses the national and international demands by governments to enable law agencies the ability to perform scheduled and live intercepts on VoIP telephone conversations. Network Service providers such as Skype may soon want to be in compliance with government regulations regarding Lawful Intercept. The advantage of this patent is that it is truly undetectable by the intercept target; as opposed to many prior art technologies.

Various governments are considering legislating Lawful Intercept as a mandatory technology for any VoIP provider. A Response in Europe has already been filed. The Company believes that this patent application technology will be the foundation of any modern commercial VoIP system. It has taken millions of investment dollars and years to develop and solidify into perhaps the most important architectural solution for VoIP. The Company believes that Mobile Gateway technology can be applied to any modern cell phone allowing Internet calls to be transparent for the users.

All current commercial techniques for making cell phone Internet calls require the users to make additional actions, which are not necessary with the Mobile Gateway patent application.