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To tease, perplex, or make one angry. To exhaust the patience. To be grieved ; to worry. Arar con el ancla. Are mi buey por lo holgado, y el tuyo por lo alabado. Tal buque arbola tantos palos. Puede arder en un candil. La provincia se arde en disturbios. Arder en deseo de hacer una cosa.

Quien no se arriesga, no pasa la mar. Those who meddle with other peo- ] lc's affairs do not have an easy life. To make great exertions. To rejoice in the misfortunes of others. A man's enemies are generally of his own trade. One who flatters another with intent to injure ; a hypocrite. To drag the anchor nau. Experienced labor is cheapest in the end. Rent must be paid, crops or no crops. Land is much improved by fallowing. An industrious person does not need to beg. To give the masts a rake nau. To rear said of horses. Such a vessel carries so many masts.

It would burn in a lamp applied to generous wine or brilliant people.


To be entangled in lawsuits. To burn with desire to do a thing. To burn with impatience. To be pricked by one's conscience. Nothing venture, nothing have.

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To stir up disturbances. To lay a snare, or set a trap.

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To raise the frame of a house. To set up a bedstead. To man the oars. To conspire ; to plot treason. To knight ; to prepare for war. To arm one's self with patience ; to prepare to suffer. Armar de punta en blanco. Con frac negro bien arma chaleco blanco. Vieja escarmentada, arregazada pasa el agua.

No le arriendo la ganancia. Quien presto se determina, mas presto se arrepiente. The bow forever bent must break. To arm a merchant vessel. To be armed to the teeth.

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To make up accounts. To cheat at cards. To lend money to a friend. To fit out a ship. To prepare a ball, a feast, etc. A white waistcoat goes well with a black coat. It is not well to despise old things, which may be better than new. To obtain something by importunity. To feel great sympathy for a person. To be overwhelmed with grief or pity. To quit a house ; to break up house- keeping. To unsheath the sword. The clouds are dispersing. Only fools fall twice into the same error. My bad luck follows me. I should not like to be in his shoes.

He who resolves in haste repents at leisure. To pay out the cable nau. To take in sail nau. Arrimarse de gorra y mogolla. Arrimar al punto de la dificultad. Arrimarse al parecer de otro. Arrimar las espuelas al caballo. No arrojemos la soga tras el caldero. To clew up the rnain-top-sail nau. To strike the colors. To put the flag at half-mast.

Operación secreta "espina de erizo"

To succeed in a difficult enterprise. Work courageously ; rest will come. To act as a parasite. To approach the fire, or light. To side with a party. To depose one from his office. To abandon a study. To come to the point. Consort with good people, and you will become one of them.

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To place one's self under the pro- tection of another. He who leans against a good tree finds a good shelter. To take something out of the way. To push one thing against another. To approach the truth. To espouse another's opinion. To impute a crime. To work with a will ; to lend a hand. To abandon an official position. To impose upon ; to deceive. To house the guns nau. To stow the anchor nau. Do not let us throw the rope after the bucket.

To squander, to waste.